And we thought we couldn’t get more pathetic

For the next few days, Carl and I only have $60 to our name until we get paid and even then, the money will be out the door before I can have a chance to roll around in it. Fuck. Seriously? This is where we’re at right now?

So let’s see: subtract money for gas, subtract money for the 9-year-old’s dental appointment (damn you braces), subtract money for groceries, subtract money for bills, subtract money for late bills, subtract money for the refrigerator repair company because we like to eat food that hasn’t been spoiled, subtract money for school lunch because I guess the kids get hungry at school, subtract money for Carl’s lunch (oh wait – I’ll just pack him a stale hot dog roll and throw in some crushed Goldfish crackers), subtract money for dog food, subtract, subtract, subtract!

So basically, we’re looking at a negative $2500 balance in our checking account.

Me: Hey, how much money do you have in your wallet right now?

9-year-old: Why?

Me: Just asking. How much?

9-year-old: I think I have like $30 left over from my birthday money, but you still owe me $20 from the time you forgot your wallet and needed your fro yo fix.

Me: I believe your sisters and you also partook in the eating of said fro yo.

9-year-old: All I know is that you said you would give me the money back. I’ll check back with you tomorrow to see if you have it.

It’s pretty shitty when you live with one of your creditors.

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