Animals need loving forever homes

Today I saw some guy walking this beautiful pitbull. The dog was muscular, white and brown coloring and had the sweetest square face.

The guy kept pulling on the leash and the dog kept wanting to go the other way. After a couple of tugs, the guy got mad and pulled his arm back.

What the fuck was this guy gonna do now? I couldn’t believe what I saw and after the second time, I swerved off the road and pulled-up right next to him.

Me: Hey, asshole! Why the fuck are you punching your dog?

Jerk: Mind your own damn business.

Me: This is my damn business. You have no right to beat that dog.

Jerk: What are you gonna do, bitch?

Me: I’m gonna report your ass.

Jerk: Fuck you.

Me: Go fuck yourself.

This is how sophisticated people talk to one another. I cried in the car as I drove away.

I just received a newsletter from the Tri County Humane Society, a no-kill animal shelter in Boca Raton, Florida. A woman brought in a lab mix and was hoping to surrender her dog to the shelter because he is 18-years-old and has kidney disease. The Executive Director of the shelter spoke with the woman at length and convinced the woman to keep her dog for as long as he lived so that he would be in an environment and with people he recognized. She even offered the woman help by providing the dog with specialty food. After a ten minutes, the woman agreed to keep her dog and walked out.

Unfortunately, fifteen minutes later, staff members saw that the dog was left tied to the shelter’s face which faces a very busy road. Of course, the shelter took the dog, Friday, in who is now available through the foster program.

We adopted Prince only three weeks ago from another no-kill animal shelter, Animal Aid, in the Fort Lauderdale area. He is the youngest of our brood and we can’t imagine not having him in our lives. Prince was surrendered by his owner a little over a month ago when he was three-months-old to Miami-Dade County Animal Services where they do euthanize animals weekly. An animal services employee called up Animal Aid and told them they had a puppy that was very adoptable if they could pick him up and bring him to their facility.

Sorry for such a downer post, but there are so many cats and dogs that need forever homes in shelters across the country. They have been abused, neglected, surrendered and forgotten. Maybe you could make the difference in one cat or dog’s life.

I’m gonna go hug Prince now.

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