Big baby vs. miss kitty

The baby and I were up early again today because she likes to fuck with my sleep habits. So we went outside for a few minutes because anything longer than that and your body totally starts withering in the South Florida heat.

Not pictured here and to the left side of the baby was a cat, a cat that likes to look at me from under my car and probably plot my death. And I’ve dubbed this cat Miss Kitty, even though Carl said it’s probably a boy. The cat got real low in the grass and looked like it was going to pounce on the baby. Instead of shooing the cat away, I awaited for the drama to unfold. Because when there’s a baby and a cat in the same vicinity, there’s always drama.

The baby thought it would be a good idea to crouch down low as well and throw her hat at the cat. Miss Kitty didn’t like that and hissed at the baby. That’s when I realized I should probably shoo the cat away, but the baby had a different idea.

Let me pet you, Miss Kitty, I’m sure that’s what the baby was thinking. The cat finally ran across the street to watch us from a neighbor’s yard. And now I’m reveling in the fact that the baby is probably a cat whisperer and she’ll get a show where I carry her diapered butt around and she calms wild kitties with her babbling and temper tantrums.

*Miss Kitty is nowhere to be found in these pictures because my photog skills are half-assed at best and when I tried to back-up so I can get both the baby and cat in the picture, I fell backwards while my neighbor mowing his lawn was watching and I tried to make it look like I did that all on purpose because I’m a gymnast, but my neighbor and I both know better.

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