Finally, I decoded my phone

There are situations when a smartphone crashes and needs to be quickly unlocked, or decoded. The decoding method is very easy and ensures 100% free unlocking of the phone, using the original Sony codes.

The site offers a permanent solution for decoding Sony smartphones. Through the repair services, no cables or software products are used, so you do not need technical knowledge.

You must follow some simple steps:

• First, send the IMEI code of the Sony smartphone, by typing * # 06 #
• Second, you will pay a great price, but make sure that the mobile network and the Sony phone model you want to unlock are not in the Unsupported Networks and Models list.
• Thirdly, you will receive an original eight-digit Sony code via e-mail, which you will enter and the Sony phone will be unlocked / decoded.

This situation of locking the phone can be considered a malfunction of the smartphone, because it can no longer work at all, being locked, you may think that due to the hardware, but it is a software problem, definitely. As a result, you must take immediate action to remedy the problem, so you can use your phone as soon as possible.

The decoding or unlocking of a free smartphone is a relatively easy action, which does not require any device or cables, which no one has, only requires the IMEI code, is an acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity, meaning a unique identification code of to any mobile phone.

This IMEI code can also be printed on the phone label, under the battery, or on the phone box.

You must verify that you have 15 digits in the IMEI code, sometimes they are separate numbers with points, spaces or slashes. This IMEI code is in the phone memory, it is deleted only if the processor is changed, because then the phone receives another IMEI series. But this situation is rarer, because it involves costs.

The unlock code has 8 digits and is sent by email at relatively low prices, but be sure to check the network and the Sony phone model, because some networks are not supported, and then no such unlock code can be sent. .

In conclusion, any Sony phone that has been blocked can be decoded for free immediately by the IMEI code and the original Sony code, both ensuring the confidentiality of the data of these devices, so that no one can unlock and break any phone code, which of course are personal devices, which should only be used by their owner, under conditions of maximum safety.

And decoding or unlocking is performed under conditions of maximum confidentiality, those who offer the unlock code will strictly respect the secret of this code.

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