Love Ridden


Carl and I had a scare yesterday afternoon and I’m still reeling. A couple beers and a few dozen chocolate-covered strawberries and I am still wringing my hands and frenetically walking around like a fly with no purpose. I’ll write more about it tomorrow when the haze has lifted.

I woke up this morning a little later than usual. I actually got some laundry done – one load. The rest of the clothes can wait until next weekend. I don’t want to be too ambitious. Until then, if anyone needs clean underwear, I’ll have to make a trip to Target. You know how it goes.

I decided to go out and get the kids’ school supplies which is a pretty amazing feat considering I’ve bought school supplies the weekend before school started the past four years. Mom of the year right here.

As I drove to the store, this Fiona Apple song came on and I was transported to another time. A younger version of me, a smile on my face, but horribly alone.

Sunday. Melancholy.

That’s how I do it.

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