Missed Connection

Dryer repair guy (DRG): You had a very nice voice on the phone.

Me: What?

DRG: I like how you talk on the phone.

Me: How would you know (edging closer to the kitchen in case I need a weapon of some sort. What can I do with a sippy cup?)?

DRG: I just spoke with you a minute ago (puts down tools on the dryer and leans against the wall casually).

Me: No you didn’t.

DRG: Yes, I did. It’s very nice. Very welcoming.

Me: Carl!!!! Carl!! I’m telling you – I did not talk to you on the phone.

DRG: Sure you did. I told you I was on my way. You said ‘okay’ with a breathy Demi Moore voice and coughed. I asked if you were okay and you said you were just having one of your coughing spells.

Mother-in-law: Carl already left for work. What’s wrong?

Me: Nevermind.

DRG: Who’s this (looks at mother-in-law suspiciously)? Your roommate?

Me: DRG? Meet Demi Moore.

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