On the first day…

So my parents are here and I thought this first day would be a total and utter disaster, like with a capital D and at some point in the day, I would end up in tears and sprinting towards the Xanax bottle. and rocking myself to sleep in the back of the minivan.

But it was okay. Everything was fine. We laughed and shared stories and ate (well, I ate. A lot. If there’s pizza in front of me, just move the hell outta the way so it doesn’t get ugly).

And I realized, again, that parents will always be parents.

*As I’m driving them back to their hotel room at night*

Mom: I don’t think you should be out so late.

Me: Well, how are you guys going to get back to the hotel.

Mom: I’m really surprised Carl lets you drive when it’s so late.

Me: I am a big girl.

Mom: Can you even see anything? It’s so dark outside.

Me: That’s why cars have headlights.

Mom: Do you want your dad to drive back with you to your house?

Me: I think that would defeat the purpose of me taking you back to your hotel.

Mom: Maybe you should spend the night with us and just go home in the morning.

Me: Our house is five minutes away.

Mom: A lot can happen in happen in five minutes.

Me: Okay, no more Lifetime movies for you.

But it was only the first day. There are about thirty more days to go.

Oh boy.

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