Water, Junk, and Turtles

In this post I’d like to let you know about several UnBlogger updates:


  • my 2nd 21-Day Challenge, and what I’ve decided to do about my “drinking” now that the trial is over
  • some changes I’ll be making to the 21-Day Personal Challenge Series
  • how I’m doing with my 3rd challenge

The Final Chapter of My Drinking Challenge

First, I apologize for not posting this update sooner. I got a chest infection (they think it’s pneumonia) and although it’s still lingering, I’m feeling much better now. But on with the good stuff.

When my 21-day challenge to drink only water ended, I was very excited to have some diet pop and a tea. I even had some milk and wine (I stayed away from juice). Here’s what I discovered:

1. Diet pop makes me burp (sorry for the over-share) and, it tastes awful. I had a few sips and poured the rest down the drain.

2. Milk (I use to drink 1%) tastes like cream. Yes, I could drink skim milk but I didn’t like the taste of it before the challenge so I can be sure I won’t like it any better now.

3. Tea makes me thirsty, but I will still enjoy a cuppa every now and then.

4. Wine gives me a headache – even one measly glass.

I’m sure that if I persisted, my body could get use to the taste of pop and milk again but is that what I really want?

One thing I was hoping to gain from this particular challenge is to start with a clean slate and then decide what to add to my drinking “repertoire” based on mindfulness and not addiction.

So, for the immediate future, I’ll be drinking mostly water – with the odd glass of alcohol and a cup of tea with milk every now and then.

Changes to the 21-Day Challenge Series and My New Challenge

I’ve decided to no longer choose my challenges from a hat. Since I consider my “drinking water only” challenge to have been quite a success, I’d like to continue on the healthy course I’m on.

So, I decided my next challenge will be to give up all junk food including the following: anything with added sugar, anything fried or greasy, and anything salty and crunchy. Exceptions: the occasional alcoholic drink (a girl’s gotta have some fun!).

I had started this challenge last week, but I faltered on Friday (let’s just say a box of Turtles was involved) and so on Saturday I had to start anew.

I had set the rules when I first started this series that if I went off track during the trial I’d have to start back at day 1.

So here I am at day 2. I’ll keep you posted!

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