Welcome to the circus

When I run out of things to do with the toddler, I give her a bath because that entertains her for a very long time, a lot longer than watching an hour of Spongebob Squarepants whose pants are rectangular.

When we were done with the hour long bath, I wrapped her up in her frog towel. Somehow, my shirt got caught around the towel and lifted my shirt up, exposing my not very fit stomach.

Suddenly, the toddler started laughing as if I’m tickling her. I’ve never heard her laugh so hard. I started laughing with her because it’s too cute and it’s such a relief from her usual complaining and crying.

I asked her what’s so funny and she pointed at me. She waddled over to me and touched my stomach and laughed even harder. I pulled my shirt down, suddenly hyper-aware of what’s going on here.

NO! I told her. We don’t play with Mommy’s belly.

She shook her head vigorously and pointed to my belly again while clapping her hands, as if she was watching Cirque Du Soliel and my belly was the main attraction.

The circus is closing and I’m burning down the tent.

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