Why I Want to Quit Blogging

Do you ever feel like your drive to follow your passion is slowly but surely taking over your life? Do you sometimes say to yourself, “Forget it, it’s not worth it!”. I have. In fact, I’ve “quit” my blogging career quite a few times already – but it never takes.

Today I read a post at Angela Artemis’s blog “Powered by intuition” entitled “In Praise of the Blogging Back-Out”. It resonated with me enough to spur me writing this post.

For the past week or so I’ve been plagued with 2 ailments. One is a chest infection for which I’m currently on antibiotics, and the other is more emotional in nature.

I started “blogusmaximus” because I wanted a venue where I could write about challenging the status quo in the hopes of not only improving my own life, but helping to influence positive change in others’ lives as well.

In my first post, I proclaimed what I wanted my blog to be, and most definitely what I did not want it to be. I didn’t want my blog to turn into the proverbial ball and chain. I wanted to be free to write about what I wanted, when I wanted.

What I didn’t expect was the immediate success of my blog. And by this I don’t claim to have thousands of subscribers, but from the comments and emails I’ve received, my blog seems to resonate with a lot of people.

As a result, I took on guest posters and agreed to do several guest posts of my own for other blog owners. This all sounds great, and it was, until I realized I was being consumed by my blog.

You may or may not know that I work part time as a high school teacher so I have my mornings off. This seemed like a great chunk of time to devote to my blogging.

However, other important tasks were falling by the wayside – house tidying, getting dinner ready (or at least planned), paperwork, etc.

Not only that, but blogging was starting to invade my home life as well because I always felt compelled to be working on my blog in order to keep up with the blogging Joneses.

After all, I wanted my blog to be a success (what blogger doesn’t?), and writing just one post a week didn’t seem to be enough. And, to be quite honest with you, as I’m typing this on my computer the answer to this second ailment of mine is becoming clearer and clearer (that’s why I love writing!).

One post a week is going to have to be enough. And if I’m having an off week, I may not even post at all. Likewise, if I happen to have extra time one particular week, I may write 2 posts.

In addition to my one post a week, I plan to continue accepting and publishing suitable guest posts and write guest posts for other blogs when time permits. Writing for other blogs allows me to expand my blogging reach.

Although I love blogging, I love my family more and they have to be my first priority. So, I’ve set parameters for myself:

If my kids are awake and at home, no blogging.

If my hubby is home on a Friday or Saturday night, it’s date night.

In the mornings before work I need to take care of one major piece of business before I go to my computer. This could be tidying something up, or filing important papers. As a reward, and assuming I’m completely ready for work that afternoon, I can blog.

That has to be enough. If I lose readers, well then they didn’t really get the point of The blogusmaximus anyway, did they? And to be honest, even I lost sight of what this blog was supposed to be – a refuge and a tool of expression and interaction with like-minded people. A “job”? No. Never.

In a world and blogosphere where many are preaching about making do with “enough”, I’ve found my “enough”. Have you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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