You’re not high. You’re just in the Twilight Zone.

Over the next few weeks and maybe month, I’m going to be experimenting. No, no – not with that stuff. Here on the site. Because I get bored easily and like to change things up (Carl – why are you shaking your head right now?) and I fancy myself a web designer and developer. Insert laugh track now. Because I’m not either of those things. In my mind, yes! I am the queen of websites and able to leap tall HTML and javascript codes with my eyes shut. In reality, I usually don’t know what the fuck I’m doing and only get things accomplished by pure dumb luck.

If, one day, you come here and the screen is completely blank, just know that I’ll be at the local bar singing karaoke to Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So while crying into a pitcher of beer. You can join me if you want, but I will be inconsolable. Apple pie and pizza will help, though.

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